About me



Over 20 years of experience in 100% NATURAL Bodybuilding , Fitness and

Personal Training, in Jamaica, the USA and now in Belgium.

I won my first title in Natural Bodybuilding in 2002 and have won several World, European and National titles up and until now.

You can expect in my classes a combination of classic weight lifting excercises, abs class, crossfit style exercises and cardio. Also stretching when needed.

If I can do it, then YOU can do it too !!!

Because Jamaicans ALWAYS go for GOLD !  


I was born in Jamaica and am now living in Belgium for about 13 years already.

Being overweight myself at the age of 22,

I decided to change my bad eating habits and started working out as much as I could, with only one goal in mind : to loose weight and change my image.

After a while, all these transformations in my body started taking place, which gave me the desire to work even harder.

I decided that if I could achieve this for myself, I could help others also.

Because I consider myself the product of what I teach and believe in helping

everyone to reach their goals , as I have reached those goals myself.

In me you find the living example of how you can sculpt your body to perfection.


- National Federation of Professional Training  (USA) certified since 1998

- LAPT Certified since 2013 ( www.lapt.nl )


weight loss

strength training

abs/core training

bodybuilding coaching , posing

small group training

home training