Personal training



You can achieve your goal, because I did so too ! 

When I was young I was overweight and out of shape, that fight was mine once too.

It takes dedication, perseverance, and hard work at first, but once you see your first results, you will feel the succes will get you addicted to your new routines, and then the routines will become your new natural life style.


The moving will make you stronger and the food will make you healthier. You will win in every way.

General benefits of fitness


- you increase your stamina, endurance and energy

- you burn calories, you loose weight

remember : The more muscle mass you gain, the more calories your body will burn while at rest !     

- you gain muscle mass, you look firmer, you gain strength

- your bones get stronger as well, so you can prevent osteoporosis

- you get and stay more healthy in general (diabetes, asthma,

  heart disease etc..)

- back and neck problems get solved after you strengthen your muscles

- you boost your mood, you get more self-esteem



Benefits of working with a personal trainer

 * NEW *

- you get much more out of your workouts, better results

- you break your own (bad) habits

- you will do every exercise in the exact right manner

- you are more motivated

- you can see the living example of what is possible right in front of you

- You can expect in my classes a combination of classic weight lifting excercises, abs class, crossfit style exercises and cardio. Also stretching when needed.

- I also offer ONLINE advice now !!  Just contact me and ask for more  information about it.


I  train 100% natural, I am strongly opposed to any form of doping.

My health and yours comes first! This is the only way of training that is sustainable in the long run.