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Doctor Dirk Hendrickx -  Very happy client before and after !

Sanja Hoi – 5 stars - "Michael is an excellent personal training. He really pushes you to the max. in order for you to reach your goals. Really liked the trainings cause they are personalized to your abilities.

Thanks Mike!!"

Alen Aliskovic – 5 stars - "Michael is very commited and professional in his work. His diet and workout program has helped me to exceed my limits and to achieve great results. He is very inspiring and a good motivator. Simply the best personal trainer I have worked with!"

Ann Wuyten – 5 stars - "Mike is really commited and bodybuilding and fitness are his life! He is the best example to follow and this will really give you the confidence that you have picked the right personal trainer for yourself. Lots of other trainers don't even got muscles themselves or never knew how it is to be overweight. I would never confide in those trainers myself, but in Michael I can clearly see what is possible to achieve! Another plus for me is that since I have been training with weights all my previous back and neck problems have disappeared"

Savan Patel – 5 stars - "It has been an amazing 2 months; I have learned a lot of new stuff and how to do it the right way, I have lost 8,5 kg in 2 months of training, it was amazing! Thank you very much Michael hope to train with you again in the future!"

Rajesh Nama - " Thank you, Michael Anderson !!! "

Iain MacGranthin  – 5 stars - "Michael is a patient, experienced, and watchful trainer with great people skills. He knows what people want out of their training and how to help them achieve it. Highly recommended."

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+32 489 012 622

at Basic Fit 'De Keyserlei' and the Antwerp area.

Antwerpen België -  Antwerp Belgium

Personal trainer Antwerpen.

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Monday to Sunday: Appointment

I work within the opening hours of the Basic Fit Gyms.

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